Grandma And Her Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease


My parents were a busy couple while I was growing up. Most of my life was spent waiting for them to be home in the evenings with just my brother and I and the nanny with us. I would cry because my classmates would talk about how their mom or dad would stay help them with their homework and put them to sleep. When my grandma visited us one time (I think she was about 70 then), I told her why I was sad. She just hugged me tight and told me that my parents were working so we could live a good life. Aside from Grandma, there was no other family member close to where we were living.

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The Role Of Exercise In Managing Alzheimer’s Disease

Aside from cardiovascular diseases, one of the common conditions that most adults acquire during their older years is Alzheimer’s disease. This type of dementia gradually damages the mind, reasoning capacity, and capability to perform activities of a person. Moreover, it is incapable of being reversed at least for people during their 60s.


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