Why Newly Diagnosed Patients And Caregivers Should Attend Alzheimer’s Conferences

The 2019 Alzheimer’s Conference was a blessing in disguise in our family. It happened in the same year when my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you see. We never encountered anyone with this illness in the past, so my parents and I—Gramps’ caregivers—did not know what we could do for him.  

Attended the said conference turned out to be the best first step that we could ever take. Here’s why.

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You Can Get Information From The Experts

The primary reason is that specialists flock in such conferences. You will find doctors, scientists, and even life coaches there, sharing their diagnoses and discoveries regarding Alzheimer’s. Although we all know that there is genuinely no cure for such a progressive brain disorder, it is comforting to realize that these people are not staying idle. Speaking about the disease in a massive setting is helpful, especially for families with zero clues about it.

You Can Learn About Dealing With Different Symptoms

My grandfather’s Alzheimer’s was technically at its early stage when the conference took place. Most of his actions were normal, but sometimes he would have an episode and throw whatever’s in his hands at the moment. A spoon or fork or towel was okay, but we were afraid that it might happen while he’s holding a hefty object and hurt himself or us.

Luckily, the panelists covered these scenarios in their speeches. They even accepted questions from the audience about dealing with different symptoms of Alzheimer’s and answered everything in detail. It was very insightful.

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You Can Meet People With Similar Struggles

When we arrived at the events center, I saw that we were not the only caregivers in the crowd. My parents and I managed to sit and chat with a few of them and exchange stories. The more we talked, the more we understood that our struggles with Gramps were not too different from what others were experiencing.

Such information is not supposed to make us happy. However, it was fantastic to meet individuals who had been in our shoes. We even found various support groups that could help out in any way possible.

Final Thoughts

At the time of this writing, no one can organize or attend any conference yet. Most people rely on the internet to get their message across or teach life hacks to people. However, when the pandemic ends, you should get tickets for any Alzheimer’s conference near your area. 

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