2016 Jersey City Alzheimer’s Symposium: Raising Awareness And Support For Mental Illness

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With millions of people who have Alzheimer’s, it is essential to initiate ongoing initiatives for awareness and support through events like the 2016 Jersey City Alzheimer’s Symposium. In 2018, over 5 million Americans were reported to have Alzheimer’s disease and are expected to triple in 2050. Although it is necessary to be informed about prevention and treatment, it is also equally important to give support to those who are already suffering this illness.

Alzheimer’s In A Nutshell

The first thing to take note is that Alzheimer’s is irreversible. It is a progressive process of steady deterioration of the brain’s cognitive abilities. The person will suffer from memory loss, the decline of thinking abilities and may trigger anxiety and depression.

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In time, they may not carry out simple tasks because of also losing motor functions. Activities like basic hygiene and eating will be forgotten and neglected. Therefore, personal assistance is most definitely needed to get through the basic daily routine.

Raising Awareness And Support

World Alzheimer’s month is celebrated in September. Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) launched this event in 2012 on September 21 and is observed every year. 94 Alzheimer associations around the world are under the ADI. As the mother organization, ADI targets to build and strengthen associations all around the world to have a stronger impact on raising awareness on Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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ADI gives everyone an opportunity to get involved in this initiative not just by providing donations but also by doing the campaigning yourself. ADI provides toolkits available in English, Spanish, French, and Swahili.

Another notable organization is the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association (JAA). Their website is a hub of everything you need to know about Alzheimer’s, from types of dementia, fact sheets and tips and advice for daily living. JAA also allows you to connect with the patients by learning about their testimonials and also, JAA have available jobs for caregiving.

The facts mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg, if you want to be part of the initiative on Alzheimer’s and other mental illness, be sure to read further and find a partner charity or organization that is most suitable for you.

Finally, is always fulfilling to be involved in humanitarian causes because every little action of each person if taken collectively can bring a powerful impact. Such is the goal of the 2016 Jersey City Alzheimer’s Symposium, JAA and, ADI.